Experiments in Écriture Féminine

Created and Performed with Kari-Anne Innes. Directed by Benjamin Powell. Originally prsented at the Elsewhere Theatre at Bowling Green State University, February 2011. Subsequently presented at the National Communication Association Annual Convention in New Orleans, November 2012. This is a performance piece that uses the French feminist theory of écriture féminine as a generative starting place for a performance practice. The performance is part adaptation and part devised performance that embodies feminist theory as a practical and theoretical tool for performance studies in communication. Professional video of the piece and the published script will be available in late 2013.



Writing, Direction, Performance, Sound and Video Design all done by Waychoff. Originally presented in the HopKins Black Box Theatre at Louisiana State University, March 2010. In this solo performance I stitch together gleaned remnants from diverse sources: Jean François Millet’s painting, The Gleaners, my Grandmother’s needlepoint  rendering  of  the  same  work, and  Agnès  Varda’s  2000  film,  The  Gleaners and I. The written text of the piece is a blend of personal narrative and borrowed texts from the fields of art history, documentary filmmaking, performance studies, philosophy, and poetry. The full script is available here.

Additional Work


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